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Corporation Vision
Become a world-class metal forming equipment manufacturer and system integration service provider with leading technology.
The vision of "becoming a world-class metal forming equipment manufacturer and system integration service provider with leading technology" outlines a blueprint of industry leader with global influence, and will surely inspire YANGLI people to make great strides towards the future with the trend of "innovative transformation and vigorous development of YANGLI".
Corporate Mission
Create future for employees, create value for customers and create prosperity for society.
The sacred mission of "creating future for employees, creating value for customers and creating prosperity for society" is the fundamental reason for the existence and development of YANGLI. Every step we take will be a scale in its historical coordinates. The hard-working and wise YANGLI people will be able to play their moving roles in Chinese manufacturing.
Corporate Core Values
Staff-oriented, staff-based, and staff as friends..
The so-called "staff-based" is to give full play to the main role of employees; the so-called "staff-oriented" is to pay attention to the overall consideration of enterprise development and the fundamental interests of employees; the so-called "staff as friends" is to care about the thoughts and lives of employees and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees.
Development Strategy
Intelligent, professionalization, heavy duty, large organization, internationalization.
Intelligent is the strategic direction of YANGLI's transformation and upgrading; Specialization is the basic criterion of YANGLI's industry positioning; Heavy duty is the main goal of YANGLI's product restructuring; Large organization is the important guarantee of YANGLI's sustainable development; Internationalization is the only way to strengthen YANGLI's brand.
Three Products Strategy
Variety, Quality and Grade
Three-product strategy is YANGLI's brand strategy, its core connotation is to support the brand by variety, lead the brand by quality and upgrade the brand by grade.
Enterprise Spirit
Meditation and pragmatism, strive for innovation, and pursue excellence.
Meditation and Pragmatism are the basis of the spirit of YANGLI, that is, to have no distractions, to be down-to-earth, to work hard, to tell the truth and to do practical things. Strive for Innovation is the core of YANGLI spirit, which is to overcome difficulties, dare to be the first, weed out the old and bring forth the new, and dare to innovate. Pursue Excellence is the purpose of YANGLI spirit, which is to strive for higher standards, strict requirements, never to be satisfied and never to cease to strive for higher goals.
Enterprise Style:
Wise, civilized and open-minded.
Wise is being good at shackling opportunities, civilized is abiding by honesty, and Open-minded is working together with one heart.
YANGLI Sign and Interpretation             

YANGLI Group adopts English font "YNAGLI" as the logo graphics, which has the characteristics of internationalization and readability. The logo itself is the pronunciation of YANGLI. “Y” is graphically processed in combination with the industry characteristics of the company. Graphics can make people associate with sheet metal processing machinery, and it also contains the image of "Give me a fulcrum, I can pry up the whole earth." The combination of the red triangle and the dark gray body reflects the passion in rationality and creation in the rigor. The logo inherits the essence and connotation of the original logo. The modern design language has optimized the group's brand image.